JLT Edge Gluing & Lamination

Machines for Clamping Panels and Laminations

  • Edge Glue Flat Stock Panels, Stair Treads, Raised Door Panels, Moldings, and More!!
  • Face Glue Butcher Block, Railing Stock, Posts, Engineered Flooring, Turning Blanks and Much More!!
The Industry's most versatile and compact clamping system for the custom shop or custom work cell

#79F-6-PC – 6′ Panel Clamp

JLT’s Most Compact Panel Clamp – Perfect for the Small Shop or Hobby Shop

Edge Glue or Face Glue a LARGE Variety of Panels and Products

#79F-8-PC – 8′ Panel Clamp

JLT’s Most Popular Panel Clamp for the Custom Shop

PRODUCE 50+ Edge Glued Panels a Day

#79F-12-PC – 12′ Panel Clamp

JLT’s Best Value – Our Most Versatile & Productive Panel Clamp Model

PRODUCE up to 72 Edge Glued Panels per Day

#79F-16-PC – 16′ Rail & Post Custom Clamping System

JLT Clamping System for the Custom Woodworker who produce Long or Thick Laminations

Clamp up 16′ Railing, Long Posts, Beams, Flooring and Face Glue Solid Wood Components up to 6″ Thick

#79F-6-1R – Single Level Panel Clamp

Perfect Machine for Small Shops and Hobbyists

Capable of Clamping any Solid Wood Components Required

#78H- Mini Pod Press

Face Glue A variety of Solid Wood Components up to 12”Wide

Space Saving Design, Easy to Use and Precise Straight Line Clamping